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    Live Squared Invitational - Summer Singles - The Rok Room


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    Orlando, FL. June 5, 2013 Live Squared Invitational begins this month. We will be celebrating all summer. June 19th we will be hosting Live Squared Invitational: Summer Singles at the luxurious Rok Room. This will be a special themed event. The Rok Room features and exclusive Rock & Roll upscale layout, with an intellectual crowd with style and professionalism. This genre of music will be a mixture of Hip Hop & House. 


    When attending a LIVE SQUARED LLC extravaganza you can expect to find fun, dance, music, and beautiful people. Never anticipate what may happen, at any moment in time. We offer a variety of live entertainment including local musicians, poets, comedians and more. You can also expect to find games, raffles, and most importantly… epic drinking competitions!

    We believe that it is vital for us as humanity to continue to reach out to one another, build bridges, and strive for bettering our local community. If LIVE SQUARED LLC is near your, you can expect to find a society of like minds.   Our primary mission is entertainment and education spreading positivity, creativity, and consciousness Worldwide. Live LIVE, NO SCRIPT™ 

    Live Squared Entertainment welcomes all fans who have been following our movement since our establishment overseas back in 2010. Here we are, three years strong. Steadily progressing. Now we have a new event at the Rok Room taking over the Wednesday nightlife downtown Orlando, FL. Below we have provided some photo’s of the venue layout.

    The LiveSquared Invitational: "Summer Singles" Event at the Rok Room is an event where selected men and women from the Central Florida area can come to mingle with others. Interactive conversational games will be played to encourage a memorable event with great drinks, long laughter, and positive vibes. Orlando has a new flavor; its called Living LIVE! 

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    For event update & to receive the "PASSWORD" to enter for ONLY 1$



    Live Squared Global - Hoodwink Falling Upwards - The Late Review






    Live Squared Press Release


    Orlando, FL. February 16, 2013 - The first time after listening to Hoodwink’s Falling Upwards I didn't recongize the entire developmental experience. From the beginning of the project Hoodwink breaks into a magnificent display of creativity and talent throughout his many visions with our great ancestors, up until the question of why we are here in his bonus finale track.  

    Multi talented visionary and musician, Hoodwink is extremely gifted. Hoodwink exercises several transitions throughout Falling Upwards entire compilation. He is a genius at utilizing the space and power pause techniques while maintaining a compelling and original masterpiece.  His constant variety of flow shifts between emotions, giving his audio listeners a rollercoaster effect of fall and infinite rise.

    Fans begin to realize that Hoodwink using a multitude of distinct patterns throughout the entire project. Some of his delivery might remind you of the some of the earlier pioneers in the industry. Originality. This is because of Hoodwink’s long love for the true art of the game. Listeners notice a significant change in the melody towards the last few tracks as the momentum shifts and Falling Upwards approaches the climax.


    It seems as if Hoodwink only uses the vital words necessary, as he leaves the rest to his listeners’ imagination. Fans agree that Hoodwink made great selections for his collaborations featuring Caskey; the latest members of YMCMB, and Atlanta’s new voice for the ladies, Quay. Both did a spectacular job adding their own flavor. You can tell that their chemistry was well balanced and professionally directed.

    This past weekend we listened to Falling Upwards again, as we have so many times. I immediately whipped out his first project Chaos Theory to compare the two. In my opinion Falling Upwards is an excellent tribute, a sign of growth and enlightenment. You have to go back and listen to the both of them back to back to gain a deep understand of the difference between the two. Both projects use a unique mixture of concept and perception musically blended.

    The overall review, Hoodwink’s new project Falling Upwards is a masterful and deliberate display of talent and dedication. I recommend for any true hip-hop fan to listen, share and enjoy. Fans can look forward to Hoodwink's new collaboration with our powerhouse producer, Neirdo., entitled No Confusion. No Confusion is coming this summer. Remember… Don’t be such a lame. Live LIVE, NO Script™.


    Live Squared Global - Hot Boy Hill New Release - I'm On My Way Up


    Wiesbaden, DE. Febuary 3, 2013 - Woke up this morning and had a flashback, I’m talking PTSD… I thought I had a live grenade sitting in my inbox. Hot Boy Hill™ hit me up with his complete I’m On My Way Up project ready to be spread throughout the globe. Listen, Like & Share.

    Tune in tonight as we broadcast a virtual mixtape release party at Yours Sports Bar in Wiesbaden, Germany. Live Squared Europe™ has been quite busy as you already know. After Hot Boy Hill & Sugar both shut down the Gibson in Frankfurt. Hot Boy Hill and Sammy Lew teamed up and performed at the Kings Club.

    Hot Boy Hill™ then released collaboration, Purple Reign, with his Texas counterpart Kieda Bordeaux. Now he has taking time, and mastered a solo project of his own. I’m On My Way Up features several original tracks including a few cover freestyles. You can expect to see much more coming from Hot Boy Hill in the near future. Including tours, shows, and interviews.

    Today while you are enjoying the big game, and playing dominoes, beer bong, or spades… Depending on your cultural frequency. Either or, make sure you download and press play. I’m On My Way Up is a project that is worth your time and ears. Also visit Hot Boy Hill’s personal page and leave comments and ask questions. Don’t Forget, Live LIVE, NO Script™



    Live Squared Pacific™ - Laurie Anne's Creations Photography


    Boise, ID. February 1, 2013 – Live Squared’s global campaign has expanded our reach towards Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. Our LIVE SQUARED PACIFIC™ branch is being lead by a talented photography, currently located in Boise Idaho, blessed with the gift of capturing LIFE & Creating ART.

    Ladies and Gents, we know the celebration of life and creativity is the LIVE SQUARED LLC Experience. LAURIE ANNE’S CREATIONS PHOTOGRAPHY & LACE JEWELRY™ has partnered up with us spreading #Positivity #Creativity and #Intelligence. Visit Laurie Anne’s website and check out her many services. If you are in the military, check out her special discount prices.

    LIVE SQUARED UNIVERSAL President Elsie Wilson orchestrated an interview with Laurie Anne to learn and share a bit about her. Below, I’ve added the questions and answers during the discussion. Find more by visiting her professional website with the links that I have provided below.

    Live Squared Pacific Interview

    1. What is your name and where are you from?

    Laurie Anne Tenorio Gentry, from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands.

    1. What is your talent?

    I specialize in Lifestyle Photography and Hand-made Lace Jewelries.

    1. How did you find your perfect skill? 

    When families and friends found my jewelries very unique, one-of-a-kind, and my photos to be a clean, real look to capturing memories. 

    1. How much time do you dedicate to your art?

    I’ve been a self –taught photographer for 4 years now. No school, no workshops. I just read my camera manual, played with it, and watched youtube videos on how to’s. I’ve asked for tips, critics, and advises from other photographers. Which indeed was a great help to furthering my professionalism in the Art world of Photography.

    I’ve been a lace jewelry designer for year now. I was inspired by all things vintage and I combined my jewelries with a touch of a modern, elegant look that can be worn any day on any occasion.

    The amount of time I put into these art are countless. There are times I criticized my work, that I had no interest to continue, but it is what makes me, Me. So I pushed through my lazy days to find more inspiration online and fashion stores.

    1. When did you realize that your art was no longer just a hobby? 

    When I knew it was bringing in money from not just strangers that love my work, but from family and friends who are willing to pay more than what I thought it was worth.

    1. What drives you to live life to the fullest?

    My Husband Stephen and two little guys Tristen and Izaiah. They have been so patient with me as I expand my businesses one day at a time.

    Every Artist inspires me, anything and everything that I admire – I try to re-create it, but with a simple and elegant look that I know my customers/clients will love. 

    In 5 years, I would like to see my work and myself in more fashion magazines, as a photographer and jewelry designer. For celebrities to not just model my jewelries, but to love them and be part of their jewelry collection.

    My work of Art will look a lot sharper, and will turn out to be so much better than when I first started. Photography will never die. It is what holds every memory in people’s lives. And it is definitely a part of mine since I first held a film camera when I was a little girl. As for my lace jewelries, it may be vintage but I can always re-create it by adding gemstones, chains, beads, etc. to be up to date in the fashion world. 


    10.  Tell us about yourself. Where you grew up? How you grew up? Where you are now? 

    I was born on a small island called Saipan in the village of Dan Dan. Raised by a well-known Fisher Man, who was also a retired Deputy Commissioner for Public Safety. I was taught to be independent, and take care of my family while my parents were traveling by boat from one island to another to fish for our fish market. I grew up fishing, hunting, dancing for a dance group called Boiz2Mix and to be a leader. I joined every class function, school events and became a class officer all through out high school. After high school, I wanted to make something out of myself to make my parents proud. So I left the islands, worked for an airline company for 2 years in Saint Louis, Missouri until I met my husband Stephen. I then moved to Hawaii where he was stationed at with the US Army in 2009-2011. 2-3 years later, we are blessed with two little guys who are the world and more to us. Each day, we live it as if it is our last. We are currently residing in Boise, Idaho until our next military move. 

    Daytime phone 808-223-9466

    Mobile phone 626-539-3504


    Live Squared Global - Ganza's in South Africa - HHP's New Videos

    Johannesburg, ZA. January 29, 2013 - Today is one of those days that you mark in your calendar as a monumental moment in time. A little over twenty-four hours ago I dropped Ganza off at Orlando International Airport. Now, Ganza has just arrived in Johannesburg, South Africa. He will be spending the next couple weeks filming three new videos with International Superstar, South Africa’s Hip Hop Pantsula (Aka HHP). Live Squared and S.O Afrika Entertainment joined forces once again.

    You can look forward to seeing Ganza’s unique vision of HHP’s new music videos, Zombies In The Bathroom, The Big Ten & more. Double HP hit single Mpitse won Best Video at the 2009 MTV Africa Music Awards (MAMAs) has so far released seven albums, namely; Introduction (2000), Maf Town (2001), O Mang? (2003), YBA 2 NW (2005), Acceptance Speech (2007), Dumela (2009), Motswafrika (2011) 

    The Platinum-selling artist has done music collaborations with K'Naan, Nas and Talib Kweli and shared the stage with top international artists such as Snoop Lion, Jamie Cullum and Angelique Kidjo. As you already know Ganza has also gained a high level of recognition across Central Africa since his recent collection of videos, Flawless, Shot Caller & Light Therapy with LIVE SQUARED’s visionary artist Hoodwink.

    Ganza’s videos can be seen across the entire African continent on many of the entertainment television stations and online media outlets alike. It is clear that Rwanda has a new face in entertainment and film. LIVES QUARED ENT. & S.O AFRIKA ENT, plan to reignite the future with positivity, creativity and intelligence. 

    Personally I’m extremely excited to see the Zombies In The Bathroom. Ganza and I (DreGoose Speaks) teamed up to create the script & direction of the video. Later this week I will release sneak peak of the introduction of the video. You can expect to see a vivid expression of time, misery, and detachment. You know, It's time to listen. Share and Enjoy...“Live LIVE, NO Script”