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    Live² Producer - Artist & Engineer

    Where you can go to Mosley Park, on any given Sunday and it goes down! We come from a neighborhood where its most likely to go down even if you stay in a nice neighborhood. And The most Gangsta nig*s come out of Ben Hill, Bankhead, Clay Co, Old National, Oakland City, Shady Park, Adamsville, Allen Temple, Cleveland Ave, Zone 1, Zone 4, Zone 3, Zone 6(Da Creek), 4th Ward, Mechanicville, Gresham Rd, Englewood and da the entire Westside and SWATS.

    Some people have two parents but the majority have just one, Most niggas have cars like a Crown Victoria, Impala, Monte Carlo SS, Cutlass, Regals, Caprice, Cadillac’s or you might catch dem in Magnum, Charger, Tahoe, or Avalanche all on 22's or better. When we ready to go shoppin‘ we hit up Publix and Kroger for groceries, birthday gifts, and food. We skip school to go to High School Skip Day, and somebody's cut party, We hit up The Mays vs. Doug game, the Doug vs. Washington game, Visions, Chocolate, Magic City, Strokers, Pinups, 20 Grand, the Mexican Restaurant, Buckhead, Ben Hill Day, Bankhead Reunion, SWATS Day, Oakland City Day, Dro Day, Birthday Bash, Summer Hill Day and The Poole Palace.

    We rep our schools like MILLER GROVE, Redan, Westlake, Mount Zion, Mays, Doug, Washington, South Atlanta, North Atlanta, Stephenson, Therrell, Southwest Dekalb, Creekside, Banneker, Tri-High, Colombia, Southside and Harper-Archer. We know not to start any sh* in nobody’s trap especially not in the Westside And or Da Eastside!! We rep the A in Channel Shades, Dark Locs, Cartier’s, Tall T's, Akademiks, Encye, Lacoste, Polo, LRG, Miskeen, Rocawear, Tims, J's and Air Force Ones(not just white in every color y'all can't ever get!). We say “What happening! “Shittin’ Me. “Shawty. “What it do" and “Fuck what ya heard. while rockin’ braids, twists, temp fades, fades, fros, dreads ,wraps, Mohawks and whatever we feel. We know that Waffle House will be crunk on any night. But most of all we love DA A.



    Live Squared Society - Neirdo & LoUPz - Producers With Attitude 


    Orlando, FL. December 26, 2012 – Hmm… Live Squared Production team. Check out the guilty geniuses that stand behind the illuminating sound of Live Squared. Neirdo & LoUPz flew into Orlando last month with the Ladies of Live Squared Atlanta. Quickly, we noticed a prime opportunity for exposure and recognition. We entered these powerhouse producers into every competition we could find in Orlando. 

    LoUPz captures the audience at Club Boss with his array of masterful instrumentals. The ladies damn near fell over the balconies when the DJ introduced LoUPz, Live Squared Baby. Neirdo also blew the doors off the Haven Lounge My City Monday's, opening the first round with his breathtaking warrior instrumental, At Worlds End.

    Live Squared’s Music Producer’s LoUPz & Neirdo battle round after round destroying competition respectfully and building a credible reputation in the process. Visit our producer page and listen to our collection of amazing melodies. If you feel the urge to reach within tap dance across this tight rope feel free to contact us to day for your brand spanking new Live Squared Instrumentals.



    Live Squared Atlanta - Neirdo. Beats - Buy New Instrumentals


    Atlanta, GA. August 30, 2012 - Live Squared Atlanta has a secret plot for the future. We have said so many times before. Live Squared is "a future etched in stone". You cannot stop a destiny. Neirdo. creates music that motivates the mind, body, and soul. 

    Have you ever listen to an instrumental that gave you the experience of a live action marching band? Maybe you had the feeling as if you had jumped out of a speeding train? I've done it. Or maybe you just wrestled a mature lion into submission? Either way, your experience would be of epic proportion!

    If you are an artist in search of the perfect sound for your new track then search no further. The music that you will find within this website will turn you into a believer. Contact us for prices and opportunities.


    For questions please contact Hal O. Tip, Editor & Chief,


    Live Squared Producers - Neirdo's Laboratory - Buy New Beats!!!


    Atlanta, GA. July 22, 2012 - Ok, I get it… it’s 2012, and everybody and their mother rap right? So how can I separate myself from other competition? Hmm, you could practice… but everybody knows how the average AI feels about practice, lol. 

    Investing in ground shaking trunk-rattling beats seems to be the answer for most artists these days. Catchy phrases and dance routines dominated the last decade. Lets not make a repeat for Hip Hop in this future. Live Squared Atlanta is on the rise!

    Live Squared Producer Neirdo creates and entire instrumental band within the crevasses of his mind. After listening to one of Neirdo’s creation you feel a sense of GET UP AND GO!!!  If you chasing that type of excitement in life follow along and prepare yourself for a wild ride… Listen and Buy!