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    Bryan "Nalij" Johnson (Knowledge) Literary Genius




    Nalij (Knowledge)


    Bryan “Nalij” Johnson was raised in a small rural area located in Dillon, South Carolina. At the early age of three, Nalij began showing signs of genius when he started to read. The young man’s high level of intelligence was acknowledged and praised at a very early age by my family members and friends throughout community.

    The praise forced Nalij into an invisible barrier within the youth’s of his community. He struggled from day to day to fit in with his peers. Then, at age 12 he was declared a literary genius by the State of Georgia's Board of Education.

    My daily struggle to fit in with my peers caused torment within me and I began to deny my talents and special attributes in order to become "normal”. Even though I was obviously gifted as a youth, my high IQ left my peers feeling alienated, which in turn, turned me into a social outcast. After doing many things to destroy the gift/curse that I was born with, I later realized as a young man to accept my gifts and my place in the world.” -Nalij

    Nalij’s music is about his struggle with his inner-self and the world that surrounds him. Listening to his music allows you to experience his love for the simple yet complex wonders of the world. 


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