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    Hoodwink Show Tonight Orlando - Smashington Music & Art Festival

    Orlando, FL. April 20, 2013 – Today has finally arrived. It’s 4/20 and we have a lot planned. Every member of the Live Squared Society is on edge. Today we all will be attending the Smashington Music & Arts Festival. Hoodwink will be performing onstage in front of the festival audience. If you are in the Orlando area come out and join the celebration tonight.

    Ladies and gents, you already know what day it is. Time to light up, sit back, and put your thoughts into action. Hoodwink has an amazing line up for his performance tonight. Hoodwink will also be releasing some of his new music which will be on his No Confusion project.

    Expect to see more videos, blogs, and content coming soon. Hoodwink will be at the festival from 2pm – 5pm today signing autographs, taking pictures, and handing out copies of Falling Upwards & Chaos Theory. We also have a limited supply of Live Squared Grinders available.

    Hoodwink’s performance will be tonight. You will need to be at the festival at 9pm this evening if you do not want to miss the show. Contact us today at for your tickets. Tickets are $15 at the festival or you can buy directly from us for only $10 bucks. Contact us now. Selling fast. 

    Considering the occasion it is only right for us to relive Hoodwink's stoner throwback. We recording this video when we first left Germany and arrived here in Orlando, FL. The celebration continues tonight. Ique just picked up Neirdo at the station.  Hoodwink has members of the I95 riders coming down from South Carolina. It’s time to turn up. Don't forget. Live LIVE, NO Script™

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