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    Hoodwink Muzik Unveils - Radio Station Request - 93 Supreme

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    Orlando, FL. January 3, 2013 – This month we are putting Hoodwink on every radio station in the country. Call your local Hip Hop radio station everyday and request Hoodwink’s “93 Supreme”. If you are a true Hoodwink fan, and you truly know what it means to “Live LIVE, NO Script”. 

    I mean let's be real, we're only speaking to you if you truthfully believe Live Squared is a future etched in stone. If so, then do us this favor, get off of your seats, pause Angry Birds for a second and dial right now. This is a call to action. 

    Those of you who have been traveling with Hoodwink and Live Squared since our beginning over in Europe we appreciate the support indefinitely. Now we have fans in Rwanda, a special Live Squared Salutes to our fans overseas. Indonesians and Brazilians love Live Squared. We love you too. I sense a tour rapidly approaching.

    Good days are ahead for our Live Squared Society. Radio play equals global exposure. These are the early days; let’s cherish them while they last. These are the days that we live LIVE for. LL’s can be found worldwide spreading positivity, creativity and intelligence. Our sign symbolizes unity.

    With ONE global effort, we face our mission daily. However, we have one simple request. Hoodwink is offering a toke of peace and positivity, laced with creativity, and intelligence. Dial in to your radio waves and request 93 Supreme now.

    “Call Foxy99 at (910) 323-9936 and request Hoodwink - "93 Supreme"...

    “Big homie's doing his thing, so you can't help but respect his grind and hustle. Help him out and show some support... Let's get his sh*t in rotation, people!” ~ Fan

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