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    Hoodwink Muzik Unveils - Name of New Album - No Confusion 

    Orlando, FL. January 17, 2013 - In this video Hoodwink talks about his new project No Confusion, which will be released this summer. Hoodwink is teaming up with the extremely talented producer Neirdo, the head of Live Squared Atlanta for the entire project. After spending the day with Hoodwink, he released this statement.

    "I've been deemed Self Righteous (placing my morals, thoughts and standards above that of others) for speaking out in promotion of positivity, intelligence, self-education and self-exploration. For who am I to show others the way?

    This judgement comes from the same mouths who try and "enlighten" me with documentaries of people (past and present) who speak of the exact same things. But somehow they are more qualified to point the same route than I am.... I dont understand that. I'm learning about people everyday.

    People who are lost will always try to point you the wrong way away from your own goals. They don't understand your vision like you do. Stay grounded to things you want to do and NEVER let people stray you from the end vision. ALL is possible". #LiveLIVE ~ Hoodwink Muzik

    Hoodwink's current project Falling Upwards continues to gain new followers and fans daily. New interviews and performances coming soon. Also, Hoodwink has decided to move to South Carolina after graduating from Full Sail University this fall.

    Hoodwink is returning home to South Carolina, where his family and friends who have supporting him from the begining reside. Shot's out to the I95 Riders, and all of Dillon County.  Hoodwink is on his way to stardom. "Live LIVE, NO Script"

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