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    Hoodwink Muzik Unveiled - The Daily Conversation Continues - Blogs

    Orlando, FL January 8, 2013 - "I believe that people really underestimate themselves a bit more than they should. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and take a swing for the fences on those great ideas you've been holding onto. YOU CAN DO IT! 2013 will be the year of DOING.

     The realities that we look onward to everyday aren't much of a REALITY at all. A lot of people are concerned with all this fashion and nice shiny new cars and chains and houses, when that shit really doesnt even matter.

    What we are privileged to have today we feel as though we cant live without when humans have inherited this earth THOUSANDS of years before and have had to actually WORK their asses to get things done just to SURVIVE. Comfort ability was a mere dream then." - Hoodwink Muzik

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