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    Hoodwink - Light Therapy Video - Over 75,000 Views First Week


    Dillon, SC. December 26, 2012 - I just want to see the light… ~Hoodwink. After long hours upon hours of deep meditation and solitude Hoodwink unveils another spectacular performance in his latest new Light Therapy video.

    Hoodwink’s Light Therapy was directed by Live Squared Film Director and CEO of So Africa Entertainment, Ganza Films. Currently after only two days on Star Force Hip Hop, Light Therapy has over 75,000 in the first week.

    Light Therapy draws each listener into the midst within a vortex of mind-altering decisions and possible outcomes. The choice is always yours to make. You might have a few internal demanding questions after viewing and understanding.

    While driving downtown Atlanta we glanced to our right noticed a vintage chocolate striped Porsche parked outside an old school warehouse. The scene was the perfect set. You already know we are about that life… “Live LIVE, No Script”. 

    We immediately parked and prepared ourselves for another amazing video. Q knocked on the owner’s door that also happened to own the entire block. He loved the idea we had for his vintage Porsche so he decided to bring out more of his collection.

    After the video shoot the gentleman invited us into his warehouse for a tour. You wouldn’t even believe some of the amazing sites inside or the epic real life story behind the owner. So we got it on video!

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