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    Hoodwink Live² - Pineapple Express Video - Exclusive Release


    Orlando, FL. October 9, 2012 - Here is the exclusive Live Squared release of Hoodwink’s Pineapple Express Freestyle video. Live Squared Films Director Ganza expressed to Hoodwink that he wanted to bring his freestyle to life. Both met the next day and delivered another spectacular addition to Live Squared Films. If you are looking for the best director for your next video contact us today. 

    Hoodwink encourages his fans to live their lives to the fullest. Remember that your mindset is the greatest weapon that we have. Do not allow the norms of society to dictate your path in life. We are all here for a reason, and our individual journey's defines whom we will be remembered as for centuries to come. 

    However, if we decide to remain idle spectators of those who demand results, we will forever remain mindless consumers of society. Greatness is acquired and rewarded by those who desire it. What do you desire most in life? Are you willing to stand up and claim it? Because the next step is to stand and demand what you feel you rightfully deserve. “Live LIVE, NO Script”

    Bullitt Bar Open Mic tonight! got some great performers lined up, including our own: Caldwell Hoodwinkmuzik Jackson Colin Getts Mario Alexander Khoury Simp Simpson Derwin Leonard Brandon Seventh McCall Mélange Circa Modo.Magic Hat Brewing Company is our sponsor!! providing $2 beers :) the show is from 9-1AM. Dowtown Orlando at 33 E Pine Street.

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