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    Hoodwink 'Falling Upwards' - Kick Starter - You Support Good Music?

    This project will only be funded if at least $2,500 is pledged by Friday Nov 23, 2:22pm EST. CLICK HERE TO PLEDGE

    Orlando, FL. October 5, 2012 A MESSAGE FROM HOODWINK TO YOU: This album is very special for me it is a culmination of all my hard work and dedication.  I really want to put this music out and I need your help it is a project that means so much to me. With your help I will be able to release this album for free to the masses. 

    I am more of a philosopher type of a rapper and everything has been much clearer to me since I survived my heart attack last year.  I know what you are thinking how could a person so young have a heart attack. 

    I used to think it would never happen to me but it did and now I am even stronger for it.  I have had 2 life and death experiences in my life the other being almost killed in Iraq thankfully I survived and now I am able to bring you great music. 

    I promise if you are a fan of hip-hop you will be glad that you supported Hoodwink and you will never regret the day that you heard my music.  I am putting the feeling and passion back into Hip-Hop and will continue to bring you great music for as long as I am alive. 

    If you would like to contact me you can contact me at and I can always be reached at this email.  I will be using this money for marketing, promotions, CD Duplication, Shirts and other costs associated with putting an album together. Thank you for everyone who supports! "Live LIVE, NO Script"

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