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    Do you live life, or are you actually LIVING life? So many fail to live the lives they truly want succumbing to the problems that life places in their midst. Caldwell “Hoodwink “Jackson is certainly not a stranger to the adversities of life. Growing up in rural Dillon, South Carolina he has seen his fair share of the hardships that life has to offer. In spite of all, Hoodwink continues to push the envelope on the underground Hip Hop circuit. Rising to stardom amongst the European ranks while stationed with the U.S. Army in Wiesbaden, Germany, he has seen success gracing stages alongside a few of HipHop’s mainstream acts.

    His new project features his latest release an a ton of new tracks never heard before. Falling Upwards is set to be release in the winter of 2012. 
    Def Jam recording artists Dem Franchise Boys, and platinum selling recording artists Dj 
    Unk and the Ying Yang Twins are among the laundry list of talent Hoodwink has had the pleasure to perform with. During a 2009 recording session in Wiesbaden, Germany, DROC of the Ying Yang Twins was quoted saying,

    “His style is official. Through hard work and due diligence he could be a force to be reckoned with”

    Despite being in Iraq as a US Army soldier, Hoodwink has solidified himself not only in Hip Hop’s ranks as an artist, but as a businessman. Seamlessly patching together opportunity after opportunity, he has shown his undeniable ability to capitalize and create, regardless of the world around him. 
    In the Spring of 2011 Hoodwink moved back stateside and currently resides in Orlando, FL. Hoodwink & his business partner DreGoose enrolled into Full Sail University for the Entertainment Business degree program. While attending Full Sail Hoodwink has managed to record a new project entitled Falling Upwards. 

    Live Squared LLC is the future. With ties from European nightclub management to hiphop record producing, Live Squared shows a wide array of knowledge in entertainment. With Caldwell “Hoodwink” Jackson at the reigns to steering the load, and the many indy labels, radio stations, and nightclubs under 
    the Live Squared umbrella, losing is NEVER and option. Carpe 
    Diem is the motto, and living life abundantly is the lifestyle. Do 
    you live life, or are you actually LIVING life?




    Hoodwink Show Tonight Orlando - Smashington Music & Art Festival

    Orlando, FL. April 20, 2013 – Today has finally arrived. It’s 4/20 and we have a lot planned. Every member of the Live Squared Society is on edge. Today we all will be attending the Smashington Music & Arts Festival. Hoodwink will be performing onstage in front of the festival audience. If you are in the Orlando area come out and join the celebration tonight.

    Ladies and gents, you already know what day it is. Time to light up, sit back, and put your thoughts into action. Hoodwink has an amazing line up for his performance tonight. Hoodwink will also be releasing some of his new music which will be on his No Confusion project.

    Expect to see more videos, blogs, and content coming soon. Hoodwink will be at the festival from 2pm – 5pm today signing autographs, taking pictures, and handing out copies of Falling Upwards & Chaos Theory. We also have a limited supply of Live Squared Grinders available.

    Hoodwink’s performance will be tonight. You will need to be at the festival at 9pm this evening if you do not want to miss the show. Contact us today at for your tickets. Tickets are $15 at the festival or you can buy directly from us for only $10 bucks. Contact us now. Selling fast. 

    Considering the occasion it is only right for us to relive Hoodwink's stoner throwback. We recording this video when we first left Germany and arrived here in Orlando, FL. The celebration continues tonight. Ique just picked up Neirdo at the station.  Hoodwink has members of the I95 riders coming down from South Carolina. It’s time to turn up. Don't forget. Live LIVE, NO Script™


    Hoodwink Muzik - An Exclusive Interview - The Hype Magazine


    Orlando, FL. February 27, 2013 - Damn near had to subscribe to The Hype Magazine this morning. I Just finished reading the latest issue, number #74 is featuring Live Squared’s visionary co-founder and lead artist, Hoodwink in a two page exclusive interview, pages 31-33. Those of you who have been familiar with Live Squared Entertainment know that Hoodwink has been on the seen for quite a while building recognition and exposure to our brand.


    Hoodwink's latest project Falling Upwards has been receiving an enormous amount of praise across the Internet from music lovers around the world. Fans and music professionals all share the same opinion; Hoodwink is project Falling Upwards is a classic. Many listeners believe that Hoodwink is the next artist to blow. We at Live Squared know this to be truth. 

    Look forward to the future of Live Squared. We have a lot of new projects planned for this year. Live Squared is heating up this spring with LoUPz releasing a new mixtape entitled Instrumentality, featuring a collection of beats across the industry. This summer will be eventful; we have Hoodwink & Neirdo. releasing a compilation project entitled No Confusion. Live Squared is also heading back to Europe this summer. Our graduations are rapidly approaching. The time is near. Live LIVE, NO Script™.


    Hoodwink Muzik Unveils - Name of New Album - No Confusion 

    Orlando, FL. January 17, 2013 - In this video Hoodwink talks about his new project No Confusion, which will be released this summer. Hoodwink is teaming up with the extremely talented producer Neirdo, the head of Live Squared Atlanta for the entire project. After spending the day with Hoodwink, he released this statement.

    "I've been deemed Self Righteous (placing my morals, thoughts and standards above that of others) for speaking out in promotion of positivity, intelligence, self-education and self-exploration. For who am I to show others the way?

    This judgement comes from the same mouths who try and "enlighten" me with documentaries of people (past and present) who speak of the exact same things. But somehow they are more qualified to point the same route than I am.... I dont understand that. I'm learning about people everyday.

    People who are lost will always try to point you the wrong way away from your own goals. They don't understand your vision like you do. Stay grounded to things you want to do and NEVER let people stray you from the end vision. ALL is possible". #LiveLIVE ~ Hoodwink Muzik

    Hoodwink's current project Falling Upwards continues to gain new followers and fans daily. New interviews and performances coming soon. Also, Hoodwink has decided to move to South Carolina after graduating from Full Sail University this fall.

    Hoodwink is returning home to South Carolina, where his family and friends who have supporting him from the begining reside. Shot's out to the I95 Riders, and all of Dillon County.  Hoodwink is on his way to stardom. "Live LIVE, NO Script"


    Hoodwink & Julian - Freestyle Session - Please Excuse My French

    Orlando, FL. January 12, 2013 - Yesterday Hoodwink & DreGoose hung out with Ganza and French rapper Julian, of SO Afrika Entertainment. Julian whipped out a couple of his beats from Rwanda and Hoodwink jumped in for a freestyle session before we left.  Since Ganza's camera is currently in the shop, I decided to whip out my Android to record this epic freestyle session.

    First of all, let me apologize for the poor quality, the room was "rotation ready" 4:20. But I assure you, if you manage to last these eight and a half minutes you will be impressed by the energy and raw talent of Hoodwink & Julian in this session. Witness as these lyrical geniuses parade back and forth across random instrumentals.

    You can expect more freestyles will be coming soon with far better quality. Visit Live Squared Cinema and Ganza So Africa official webpage for more. The future is etched in stone. Live Squared & SO Afrika will be recongnized as globe travelers by the end of two thousand and thirteen. That’s a fact. “Live LIVE, NO Script”


    Hoodwink Muzik Unveils - Better Future For Tomorrow - Blogs


    Orlando, FL. January 10, 2013 - "I wonder if humans could actually get creative and come up with a whole different way of living. Im kind of tired of the current cycle. Its been done too many times over before.

    Hatred Rules all around us as we fight wars, hate on each other, kill and try to outwit each other, ALL for the love of a Concept of doing something for something and exchanging money.

    Its all based on an egotistical way of thinking. When could we all move into a more rational state of mind and begin to spread love and make better choices that bring BETTER FUTURES to ourselves and our children." - Hoodwink Muzik



    Hoodwink Muzik Unveiled - The Daily Conversation Continues - Blogs

    Orlando, FL January 8, 2013 - "I believe that people really underestimate themselves a bit more than they should. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and take a swing for the fences on those great ideas you've been holding onto. YOU CAN DO IT! 2013 will be the year of DOING.

     The realities that we look onward to everyday aren't much of a REALITY at all. A lot of people are concerned with all this fashion and nice shiny new cars and chains and houses, when that shit really doesnt even matter.

    What we are privileged to have today we feel as though we cant live without when humans have inherited this earth THOUSANDS of years before and have had to actually WORK their asses to get things done just to SURVIVE. Comfort ability was a mere dream then." - Hoodwink Muzik


    Hoodwink Muzik Unveils - Radio Station Request - 93 Supreme

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    Orlando, FL. January 3, 2013 – This month we are putting Hoodwink on every radio station in the country. Call your local Hip Hop radio station everyday and request Hoodwink’s “93 Supreme”. If you are a true Hoodwink fan, and you truly know what it means to “Live LIVE, NO Script”. 

    I mean let's be real, we're only speaking to you if you truthfully believe Live Squared is a future etched in stone. If so, then do us this favor, get off of your seats, pause Angry Birds for a second and dial right now. This is a call to action. 

    Those of you who have been traveling with Hoodwink and Live Squared since our beginning over in Europe we appreciate the support indefinitely. Now we have fans in Rwanda, a special Live Squared Salutes to our fans overseas. Indonesians and Brazilians love Live Squared. We love you too. I sense a tour rapidly approaching.

    Good days are ahead for our Live Squared Society. Radio play equals global exposure. These are the early days; let’s cherish them while they last. These are the days that we live LIVE for. LL’s can be found worldwide spreading positivity, creativity and intelligence. Our sign symbolizes unity.

    With ONE global effort, we face our mission daily. However, we have one simple request. Hoodwink is offering a toke of peace and positivity, laced with creativity, and intelligence. Dial in to your radio waves and request 93 Supreme now.

    “Call Foxy99 at (910) 323-9936 and request Hoodwink - "93 Supreme"...

    “Big homie's doing his thing, so you can't help but respect his grind and hustle. Help him out and show some support... Let's get his sh*t in rotation, people!” ~ Fan


    Hoodwink - Light Therapy Video - Over 75,000 Views First Week


    Dillon, SC. December 26, 2012 - I just want to see the light… ~Hoodwink. After long hours upon hours of deep meditation and solitude Hoodwink unveils another spectacular performance in his latest new Light Therapy video.

    Hoodwink’s Light Therapy was directed by Live Squared Film Director and CEO of So Africa Entertainment, Ganza Films. Currently after only two days on Star Force Hip Hop, Light Therapy has over 75,000 in the first week.

    Light Therapy draws each listener into the midst within a vortex of mind-altering decisions and possible outcomes. The choice is always yours to make. You might have a few internal demanding questions after viewing and understanding.

    While driving downtown Atlanta we glanced to our right noticed a vintage chocolate striped Porsche parked outside an old school warehouse. The scene was the perfect set. You already know we are about that life… “Live LIVE, No Script”. 

    We immediately parked and prepared ourselves for another amazing video. Q knocked on the owner’s door that also happened to own the entire block. He loved the idea we had for his vintage Porsche so he decided to bring out more of his collection.

    After the video shoot the gentleman invited us into his warehouse for a tour. You wouldn’t even believe some of the amazing sites inside or the epic real life story behind the owner. So we got it on video!


    Hoodwink Muzik Unveiled - Think Before You Act - Daily Conversation

    Orlando, FL. December 15, 2012 - Think before you Act. Through and through, don't let the ignorance level around you dictate your actions. Folks really let these news corporations drive their thoughts and emotions through tear jerking stories and the over indulgence of negative media stories that are fed to your psyche every day.

    It will lead you to question the Super Natural, when you should be questioning the systems that are in place that not only condone this type of violence but also promote it. Its more guns, rape, murder, and hate on the news than it is in a Rated R movie. Where's the positive side of life? OH, you wont see THAT though, it’s not nearly as entertaining. Wake Up #LiveLIVE



    Hoodwink of Live² - New Videos Coming - New Studio Pictures


    Orlando, FL. December 2, 2012 - You might find Hoodwink in your neighborhood with a fist full of Falling Upwards. Hoodwink and the Live Squared Society have been traveling far and wide in search of the conscious listeners. The Orlando streets have been flooded with Falling Upwards this week. Check out Hoodwink’s latest photos at the Live Squared Gallery, and don't forget, "Live LIVE, NO Script".