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    "I was born in the beautiful country of Congo (Central Africa), but was raised in a multitude of countries across the world, which makes me quite multicultural. I would describe myself as a very humble individual, focused, yet full of life. I live day-by-day, captivating every moment and savoring it to the maximum. I have been in love with Art ever since I can remember. I am both a film maker, as well as a photographer. I believe everyone is beautiful, inspiring and unique. It's my objective to show you that. I love everything that is different and out of the ordinary. I Love Film, Dance & photography."





    S.O. Afrika - Animals 

    Orlando, FL. May 10, 2013 - Every one knows Africa is the continent where the wild roam; filled with animals that will chew you up and spit you out. But what many don't know is that Africa is also filled with MC's that will do the same! 

    Live Squared Films Director & S.O. Afrika Ent Co-Founder Dider Ganza was given the opportunity many young striving cinematographers would kill for. A chance to work with MTV award winning artist, and child hood idol Hip Hop Pantsula. Two months ago Dider Ganza caught a flight to South Africa to meet the music mogul and make history along with 9 other MC’s to bring you the best five minuets of hip hop in a long time!

    Combined with cinematic transitions, crisp quality, man eating rappers, and even an intro produced by Live Squared Producer Xxtra Beatz; the day is finally here where YOU get to witness the golden child in action! Without further a due here it is! 


    Hip Hop Pantsula - Animals - Feat. The Big 10 

    Orlando, FL. May 7, 2013 - Hip Hop Pantsula completed his high schooling at St. Alban's College in Pretoria. He was initially part of a group called Verbal Assassins. Pantsula's break came in 1997 when he and his school friends met with producer Chicco Twala who produced their debut, "Party". However, the band split soon after the release of "Party".

    Pantsula had his next album, Introduction, produced by singer and producer Isaac Mthethwa. This particular album was recorded in different South African ethnic tongues such as Setswana, isiZulu and Sesotho. 
Pantsula appeared on the third one-off TV special of quiz show Test The Nation, titled "National Parenting Test,” as the Team Captain. In 2007, he won the third season of the reality dance show Strictly Come Dancing along with his professional dance partner Hayley Bennet.

    His hits include the single from his O Mang Reloaded album, "Tswaka,” "Jabba" and "Tshwara" (the latter both from YBA 2 NW). 
Pantsula frequently uses the phrase "Maf-town" in his music, which refers to his hometown, Mafikeng, of South Africa's North West province. He was honored in September 2007 in the inaugural Mafikeng Golden Stars Awards held at the Mmabana Convention Centre. 

    Pantsula released Acceptance Speech in December 2007 with its first single, Music & Lights, whose music video features Danny K and US R&B Star Amerie. In December 2009 Pantsula released his seventh studio album Dumela ("Belief"), the title of which is also a Setswanan greeting.

    The album is a double disc: the first disc is Hip Hop and includes the tracks Let The Beat Go, Make Monyeke, and Daraja and his collaboration with US Hip Hop artist Nas, Keledimo; the second disc has two of the singles already released, Bongwana and Magenge Le Majimbo, as well as WamTseba Mtho and a jazz collaboration with Jimmy Dludlu & Revolution. He is currently said to be working on his 8th album.


    Ganza So Afrika - With Hip Hop Pantsula in South Africa

    More content and videos coming soon!

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