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    We're Living LIVE, WTF are you doing?

    Co-Founder, Philosopher of Live² | 

    "Living LIVE is about taking control of the many opportunities that life presents... You are your own creator!" 

    DreGoose Speaks, Out


    DreGoose Speaks™ - Strengthen The Mind - A Moment to Reflect


    Blue Springs, FL. February 24, 2013 - I’ve got no phone, and I have no Internet… It feels strange and also familiar at the same time. How many of you have ever experienced more than a week without a cellular phone? How about day without Internet? Living a portion of your life off of the grid can be extremely liberating.

    You see today we spend most of our time alternating between three separate worlds. This new adventure that we have embraced is both draining and still a necessary requirement towards global communication.

    First world we have our present reality… the collective consciousness that we all live on a daily basis. However, our basic activities and circumstances that exist throughout each day still answers to our internal commands. While thinking we are creating.

    Follow along as Hoodwink & Ganza explain the importance of creative artist spending time perfecting ones craft... Watch The Atlanta Project AAR

    So understand the deeper level is the battle that lives within self. Thought is the origin of the enemies and allies that we create inside our minds. This is the most powerful, yet dangerous art in our genetic make up.

    We have the ability to create and destroy. It is our choice. Today society continues to add more rules to an already complex form of living. We are shifting into a digital mind state and it is frightening... Not that I’m afraid. Lets not forget that the human mind is the most powerful computer of all.

    Our subconscious hardrive requires internal research, passwords, cheatcodes, encrypted in books, and best of all… nonfictional biographies. I can smell the future. Do you? Are you ready for a revolution? Remember, don’t be lame… Live LIVE, NO Script™.




    DreGoose Speaks™ - Who is Live Squared? - Live Squared Europe™

    Orlando, FL. January 29, 2013 - Greetings family and friends, this week I will be addressing the various structures within our Live Squared Umbrella. Live Squared has raised flags across many of the most extravagant cities around the globe. With each new episode I will begin to give you all a brief description of our many different services and accomplishments. 

    In this particular episode I will begin to speak about our first and longest running franchise, Live Squared Europe. You know the team, you seen the photos, now tune in and learn a bit more about what’s available and current by Live Squared Europe. Make sure you also tune in a week from now, Super Bowl Sunday. Hot Boy Hill is releasing his new solo project, On My Way Up… Indeed.

    With established long lasting relationships with highly credible brands such as the legendary Park Café, Street life, Independent Concerts and more. Live Squared Europe orchestrated the tours for top acts including Tyga, Nas, Redman, Kool & The Gang, and Boyz II Men to name a few. In just two short years, Live Squared Europe has gained the respect and admiration of their peers and associates. Don't quit. "Live LIVE, YOUR Script"


    DreGoose Speak - What is Live Squared? - New Video Blog Series

    Orlando, FL. January 19, 2013 - Greetings family and friends, I’ve decided that this year I will start a video blog to update all of you visual learners out there about Live Squared’s news, music, and upcoming activities. I’m getting messages in our inbox about how much reading is required on our website to learn about Live Squared.

    We understand in this age we have laptops and high definition cameras, so we are making advancements in how we deliver you our information. Thanks for the response and comments; we will reply to every message as soon as possible. Give us feedback and let me know if you prefer videos more often than blogs, or vice versa.

    In this short video, I basically give a brief description of our Live² lifestyle brand and ideology. Live Squared is more than just your average entertainment brand, and that is something the world will soon recognize in the months to come. We will continue to release more videos with interviews, testimonials, and sessions. Thanks again for all the love and support from our Live Squared Society. “Live LIVE, NO Script”


    DreGoose Speak Philosophy - Proactivity Equals Greatness



    Orlando, FL. December, 30 2012 - A journey begins the moment you leave behind what you consider in life to be simple and safe. The second you turn down the comforts of what is norm, you are smacked with the unexpected. Life begins to rain down upon whatever shelter you may have set in place. I assure you, if you sit idle long enough the rain always wins.

    Proactivity is the basic ingredients for greatness. The more that you attempt to do day-to-day the more you will learn. While you are learning in one direction, you find detours. Traveling along those detours, you begin to notice that some detours are actually shortcuts. Shortcuts will enable you to expand your thoughts and reasoning.

    You want to know why the successful continue to point towards books and action? Because the basic recipe has been set in place for us for centuries. If you ask the universe for direction, you will be giving a map. Most don’t acknowledge small print however. We all know what happens when you bypass the tiny text. Pay close attention to the omens that you receive from your higher power. “Live LIVE, NO Script”


    DreGoose Speak Philosophy - Welcome, The Conceptual Age has Arrived


    Orlando, FL. December 22, 2012 - Life is indented to be a journey that is appreciated yet misunderstood. We function independently with various forms and have a multitude of different perspectives towards our purpose. Our mission, if you haven’t noticed, is to connect with others and share our experiences. Each tale adds to the bigger picture. This is why we have limbs, ears, and mouths to communicate. This is why we have thought and memory. 

    The ultimate goal for humanity is to find peace and prosperity and live in harmony. However, we have six billion people in this puzzle, so we can easily see how we haven’t reached this mindset. We are steadily faced with war, ignorance, starvation and greed. How did we arrive at this dilemma? By spreading our great ideas! Think about it.

    In the past we were learning how to put the puzzle together. We could only see one corner of the big picture. I encourage you to travel. Most today are only proud of their country. Maybe it is because they haven’t been anywhere else in the world. We all are naturally designed to protect our home.

    So what part of this planet do you consider to be your home? Some of us only see the state that we were born in. Others, unfortunately, never leave their own neighborhood. You could probably name someone you know who only associates with his or her family, workers, and friends.  

    How can anyone see the bigger picture staring at his or her own life everyday? I promise you cannot. Finally, today we have arrive at a new dawn. Humanity has reached the age of conception where we will begin to flourish as one race, no longer separated by borders, boats, and ideas.

    Now we have the Internet. The one tool that we can use to propel humanity into the next level of connected consciousness. Where we understand each other’s imperfection. More importantly, we recognized our own. Don't forget... "Live LIVE, Your Script"


    Live Squared Bloggers - DreGoose Speaks – Shacking My Head III

    Orlando, FL. July 5, 2012 - Seems like with each day we find more scientific proof reaching back further than previous historians had ever imagined possible. Since I graduated from high school the existence of this planet and its occupants have grown dramatically. Over the past decade our “experts” have added several billion years to our planet’s very existence… SMH!


    Family, I graduated a decade ago. Who are we paying to write these books anyway? Please understand that human history is rewritten with each breath that we command. Whichever power gains control of any giving time period leaves behind a piece of their idea for record. Think about some of our historical masterminds like Edison & Rockerfeller, lol.

    The few of us who desired that type of knowledge perceive what we want to see as what we know to be our “true history.” The knowledge that you gain today becomes the history of your tomorrow. In order for you to create history you must reach deep within and release energy worth remembering...


    Very Respectfully,

     "Live LIVE, NO Script"

    DreGoose Speaks, Out!


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